Content Strategy

Aug 10, 2022

Content Strategy is a vital component to marketing. It is the foundation that all marketing efforts are based on.

How strange that we have not taken our own advice to build the content of the Pixel Effects site in the same manner we instruct our clients to. It’s time for a shift in our handling of content strategy for our own website. It’s true we focus on our client projects first and foremost. However, we should make the time to produce content for ourselves as well.

We provide Content Strategy in many forms. The strategies range from simple website content to user-driven systems for web and mobile apps. Each project and client we work with is unique. You hear that all the time, because it is true. The solutions we deliver for clients is the combination of design, user experience, data management, and outcome planning. Different audiences exist for different industries, companies, products, and services. Our goal is to present the products and/or services of our clients to the proper audience to make the connection between the two.

Content Strategy - Digital Marketing
Content strategy or marketing is important for marketing campaigns.

Developing a Content Strategy with the client is how we best achieve the goal. Our clients know their business model, industry, and target market. It is our job to take their expertise and convey the proper messaging of the benefits of working with or engaging in the products and services offered. Helping tell our clients’ stories is one of the many aspects of Digital Marketing that we love. There are challenges but working with clients to craft their branding has been an enjoyable process over the last couple of decades.

Another great aspect to Content Strategy is the evolution that continues to take place. The where and when to presenting content to target audiences is growing and so many new technologies are being developed to enable more expansive reach for brands. We will continue to learn how best to use these new technologies to help clients deliver their branding message. We promise we will find the best ways to not be annoying about it either. Don’t even get us started on retargeting. That is the epitome of annoying marketing tactics. Quite creepy too.

Consider this our first step toward putting more focus on marketing our services and expertise more aggressively. This will help us to extend the messaging of our brand and reach more of our own target audience.

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